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How healthy is your hair?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Here's a guide to help you understand your hair condition and how to improve it!

What are your hair needs?

When a new client visits, I always provide a consultation with an in-depth hair analysis. I like to educate clients and change the way that they look at their hair, its often necessary to also change their hair care regime. The reasons for this is usually a lack of understanding of their hair needs and clever but confusing advertising by product companies, one of the most common complaints that clients have is severe colour fade even when using a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. They cannot understand why their shampoo isn't working and it would be baffling when this type of product is supposed to prevent fade. Its important to understand that there is a hierarchy to hair care, often clients identifying with this problem have weakened damaged hair, and the priority for this client is repair before colour saving is ever going to work, the same goes for volume or smoothing. The first thing you need to figure out is whether or not your hair is weakened or damaged, and if it is........ that is the top priority and it needs to be fixed.

What condition is your hair actually in?

There's a simple way to check, its called a stretch test or an elasticity test. It will give you a good idea of the inner strength of your hair. Here's how to do the test....Take just one strand of hair (keep it on your head, no need to pull it out) place the end between your finger and thumb, and with your other hand place the middle of the strand between that finger and thumb. Now you apply gentle pressure pulling your hands in opposite directions, usually one of three things will happen.....

1. The hair will just stretch and return to normal once released (you have healthy hair - and that's awesome)

2. The hair will withstand some stretching but then snap (your hair is fairly healthy but needs a little TLC to get it to its absolute best)

3. your hair doesn't stretch, it just snaps (your hair is week and is in need of emergency care)

What now?

You've covered the first step in your hair care plan is to figure out your start point, so......What number are you? 1,2 or 3?

So use the guide below.

1. You have strong hair, yay! your haircare should be based on wants and needs, you can go for volume if you lack body, smoothing if you need to tame frizz, colour if you'd like to add lustre to your coloured locks

2. You need to work on strengthening your hair first, you should invest in a repair programme (shampoo, conditioner and twice weekly treatment) initially and then once your hair condition has improved and will withstand stretching, follow result number 1!

3. Your hair is in pretty bad shape, you need to work on strengthening ASAP. Maybe look at having a series of olaplex treatments to build the broken bonds up within your hair and reinforce the weakened ones, I'd also recommend using an intense repair programme (shampoo, conditioner and thrice weekly treatment). once your hair is strengthened you can look at other needs for your hair i.e colour saving, volumising etc.

Remember hair care should be a long term consideration, your hairs needs change overtime and therefore should be re assessed regularly. ask your hairdresser to do a full hair and scalp analysis next time you're in the chair......its usually a complementary service

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